In a not very recent post, I grumbled about supposedly-sexy photos of people mistreating musical instruments. The ones where neither the model nor the photographer seems to have encountered the instrument before or to be aware of the most basic requirements for keeping it from harm. The ones where the instrument is very obviously a visual prop and in no way a thing for making music with. The ones where it’s considered OK to lie with all your weight on top of a double bass, for example. (I really have seen this! Hopefully it wasn’t in playable condition.)

So I was delighted today to come across this photo of @Lululushmodel on Twitter. The caption was “I also can play the guitar.”

naked woman seated with guitar, in playing position

Lulu Lush. Used with permission.

What do I like about this photo?

I suppose I have to begin with the obvious: that the sight of Lulu naked is very sexy anyway, and it’s hard to take my eyes off those thighs, and the hint of her breasts, and all that lovely bare skin. And I’ve always liked dark hair. And I very much like the way that the colour of her skin and the colour of the wood of the guitar go with each other. They look as though they belong together. Not just the colours, but Lulu and the guitar.

Maybe that’s it. Belonging together. She looks as though she loves the guitar. The way she’s holding it to herself makes me think of it would feel to be as close to her as the guitar is . . . She looks as though she has sat like this many times and is enjoying a nice relaxing activity. This all creates an intimate feel which makes me want to be in the room too. The intimacy adds to the sexiness.

Maybe my feelings about this photo are influenced by the fact that I’m a musician myself. I know from experience that one does love a familiar instrument almost as though it had a personality. I relate to the moment depicted in the photo.

This is so different from the “Here, hold this and pretend you can play it” photos I was complaining about.

And now I’m wondering whether I ought to do some naked violin practice . . .

If you’ve visited this page recently you could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve completely given up posting! For myself, I’m quite horrified to discover that it’s over four years since I last posted here.

Well, I don’t think I’ve given up. I think I’ve taken rather a long break, and that I’d like to get going again.

There have been various reasons for lying dormant for so long. Maybe I’ll write about them and maybe I won’t. But for now, I’d like to give just a little sign of life by posting this. And if you’d like to get back in touch, please feel free to say hello.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of me in some warm comfortable leather . . .

close-up of leather pouch

Warm, comfortable and supple

A couple of weeks ago, on a whim, half dressed, I decided to take a photo of myself. This may have had something to do with the fact that after months of not quite getting there, I’d finally got my weight down by a stone and a half (21 lb) to my ideal one, and was feeling pleased with myself.

Also on a whim, I decided to go in the bathroom, where there would be more light. The background in there wouldn’t be particularly pretty, but that didn’t matter too much: it was just a bit of fun which I’d maybe email to a friend if it came out well. Probably cropped to hide the unpretty background.

It was quite sunny in there, so I stood myself in the sunlight and experimented with standing at different angles to get the best nicest lighting I could. I ended up taking the photo against a background I normally avoid since it shows a nice view of the toilet . . . But didn’t quite realise this while taking the photo. Neither did I realise, until I saw the result, that the background had much less light that I did.

What resulted appeared—on the camera phone— to have a nice black background. Viewed on the computere though, it turned out to include a shadowy but very clear image of the toilet seat . . .

. . . So I increased the contrast a bit to make the toilet go away, and here is the result:

Me not quite naked in the bathroom

Surprisingly good lighting

I then tried taking some naked ones, but had trouble reproducing the lighting and the way I was standing. Also, because I didn’t always remember to hold my stomach in, the results were less complimentary. Here’s one though:
Continue reading and see the photo

Comments are what blog writers love. (Well, positive ones are, at least.) But people seem to worry about whether it’s OK to leave a comment; and others worry about privacy issues. So I thought I should say something about it.

In the case of this blog, the comment form includes boxes for an email address and a web link. These are however both optional, so you can be as anonymous if you want (with the exception that your IP address gets recorded).

Here’s what happens if you leave a comment:

For all comments

  • your IP address gets recorded and I can view it, but that’s pretty much all I can do. I don’t have any practical way of turning it into useful information such as what country you’re from. On the other hand, if lots of spam comments all arrive from the same IP address, I might block it in order to stop them. Or if I’m really curious as to whether two anonymous comments are from the same person, I might look to see whether the IP addresses match.

If you fill in an email address

  • I get to know your email address, but it isn’t published anywhere
  • the system will recognise you next time you leave a comment, meaning that if I approved the first one, the next one will go through automatically.

If you fill in a URL

  • when the comment is published, your name will link to the URL you gave. So people can click it to find out more about you, visit your blog or whatever.

If you’re a WordPress user, and logged in

  • details I get to see will depend on what settings you’ve made under (I think) My Profile and Personal Settings. If you have more than one account, check you’re logged in with the right one.

Another photo I’m quite pleased with. I hope you’ll enjoy the sight of my hand, and that you’ll think of all the places it might go, on my body or yours. All the ways it might touch and stroke and caress.

When I touch myself like this it feels relaxed and sensuous, and I imagine how it would feel if it were someone else’s hand slipping inside my shirt to enjoy the touch. Skin against skin . . . A slender female hand, and a bare arm which needs to be kissed right the way up to the shoulder . . . And I’m touching you too, my hand inside your clothes, savouring your soft skin as the relaxed sensuousness gradually becomes growing arousal which itself becomes burning need as our now naked bodies entwine to satisfy that need.

. . . Or it may go quite differently: maybe the sensousness becomes a pleasantly sexy haze which we simply enjoy for its own sake for a while. Or it leads to a deep relaxation followed by a contented sleep.

At the moment, I’m enjoying the idea that it would lead to  the two-entwined-bodies-satisfying-their-burning-need option.

Of course, the thoughts the photo gives you may be entirely different from mine . . . Please feel free to share them.

Black and white photo of my hand slipping inside my shirt

Touch me like this. Then touch me some more . . .