Today I was playing around with some old photos a bit, trying to crop them to get something I liked. After a while I ended up with the photo below, which is really just another piece of the photo in the page header. It’s a bit fuzzy from being enlarged too much, and it’s got some odd blotches of light because the original was taken in a mirror . . . but I thought I’d share it anyway because

  1. the post I’d intended is taking longer to write itself than I’d planned,
  2. apart from its imperfections I quite like the photo,
  3. you get to see a bit more of the hairiness which reactions to my Hands post suggest is a good thing,
  4. it was fun  messing around with the pictures
  5. I wanted to show some sign of life, and
  6. you never know—someone else besides me might like the picture.

Why am I sharing this when I know there are things wrong with it? Partly, I think, because I enjoyed making the picture and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in the result despite the imperfections. And in a way, it feels more intimate than sharing something perfect. Intimacy is a big thing for me.

Enjoy as you see fit.

Imperfect and hairy.