Well, here I am again, quoting somebody else’s poems instead of writing my own . . .

In my defence, I was stunned by the first post I read on Erobintica and immediately wanted encourage you to visit the site for yourself. It’s a mixture of poetry and other writing, sensitively expressed. Some is erotic, some not, but it all has a feeling of sensitivity and intimacy which I really like.

Here is one short poem from the site:

Poetry Slut

Loose words
casual punctuation
too liberal use of—
em dashes
slit skirt showing off
a poem’s legs
up to the garter belt
maybe beyond

(In case you’re wondering, that isn’t the same post I mentioned earlier—but I think both are wonderful.)

If you like that poem, please visit the site and see what else is there.

Poem © Robin Elizabeth Sampson 2010. Used with permission.