In a not very recent post, I grumbled about supposedly-sexy photos of people mistreating musical instruments. The ones where neither the model nor the photographer seems to have encountered the instrument before or to be aware of the most basic requirements for keeping it from harm. The ones where the instrument is very obviously a visual prop and in no way a thing for making music with. The ones where it’s considered OK to lie with all your weight on top of a double bass, for example. (I really have seen this! Hopefully it wasn’t in playable condition.)

So I was delighted today to come across this photo of @Lululushmodel on Twitter. The caption was “I also can play the guitar.”

naked woman seated with guitar, in playing position

Lulu Lush. Used with permission.

What do I like about this photo?

I suppose I have to begin with the obvious: that the sight of Lulu naked is very sexy anyway, and it’s hard to take my eyes off those thighs, and the hint of her breasts, and all that lovely bare skin. And I’ve always liked dark hair. And I very much like the way that the colour of her skin and the colour of the wood of the guitar go with each other. They look as though they belong together. Not just the colours, but Lulu and the guitar.

Maybe that’s it. Belonging together. She looks as though she loves the guitar. The way she’s holding it to herself makes me think of it would feel to be as close to her as the guitar is . . . She looks as though she has sat like this many times and is enjoying a nice relaxing activity. This all creates an intimate feel which makes me want to be in the room too. The intimacy adds to the sexiness.

Maybe my feelings about this photo are influenced by the fact that I’m a musician myself. I know from experience that one does love a familiar instrument almost as though it had a personality. I relate to the moment depicted in the photo.

This is so different from the “Here, hold this and pretend you can play it” photos I was complaining about.

And now I’m wondering whether I ought to do some naked violin practice . . .