Why am I posting this here rather than to my mainstream blog? I’m not sure. These aren’t really “naughty” pictures, just very beautiful and very sensuous. To me that makes me experience them as quite erotic too, though I’m not sure whether the artist would see them that way. Neither am I sure where the boundary between the two lies, if any.

I suppose I have a certain shyness about letting my real-life friends and regular readers know that I enjoy that kind of sensuality. Again, why? How could anyone not enjoy it? Well the shyness is clearly something for me to work on and that sort of thing is why I created this blog; meanwhile, let’s talk about the pictures.

They are by Bec Winnel, some of whose stunningly beautiful drawings can be found on this gallery page and others scattered throughout her blog. Mostly they are beautifully expressive drawings of women’s faces, with eyes so deep that you try to read their minds, so well drawn that you totally believe you’re looking at a real person with real thoughts. The shading is delicately done so that inessentials merge seamlessly into the background and your eyes are drawn to the eyes in the picture.

© Bec Winnel 2009

My Gemini Heart. ©Bec Winnel 2009

In Bec’s words this piece “explores my two sides, one is strong and wants to care, nurture and protect, the other is weaker and wants to be nurtured, protected and cared for”. I find it fascinating they way the eyes do in fact bring this out. But also, in my words, “Wow!”

Here are two more: The Illusionists and Farewell.

The Illusionists. © Bec Winnel 2009

The Illusionists. © Bec Winnel 2009

This is a lovely example of the shading away which I mentioned. We see precisely as much as is needed to communicate the expressions, the beauty and sensuality; any addition (full outline of the heads, maybe) would be a distraction. So would a noticeable boundary between the skin and hair and the paper they’re drawn on, but there is none: the smoothness of the skin is reflected in the smooth transition to the background. There’s no “jolt” to the sensuous feel of the drawing.

Farewell. © Bec Winnel 2009

Farewell. © Bec Winnel 2009

I’ll admit that these three pictures are a biased selection: they’re all quite similar since I’ve chosen the ones that I particularly like. 😉 So visit her site to see what the others are like, find out about exhibiitions of her work, discover what sort of art she likes, and see some intermediate stages of the drawing process. And if you want to get your hands on some of these women, so to speak, prints of her work are available at her Etsy shop.

All images in this post used by permission.